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23rd November 2018

From Mon 3rd December look out for our very festive food vans loaded with great food. If we don’t currently stop at your work place please get in touch. PIGS IN BLANKETS WITH CRANBERRY SAUCE. PORK & SAGE STUFFING BALLS WRAPPED IN BACON. THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS BURGER – Aberdeen Angus Beef Burger, Brie, Bacon, Cranberry Sauce […]

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News From our Taste Devon Vans

15th October 2018

HALLOWEEN WEEK SPECIALS Look out for our food vans during Halloween week for some freakishly yummy Halloween food….. PUMPKIN SOUP GHOSTLY PIZZA SPOOKY SWEET TREATS We also have some great new additions to our menus including the mega sized new TASTE baguette, chicken risotto, yummy ‘winter sun’ rice salad and new macaroni cheese croquettes.

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Oh-so-tasty office catering ideas

16th July 2018

When it comes to providing the finest tasty platters for your office function or party, only the best, beautifully cooked Devon ingredients should be on the menu. Even with the fussiest of taste buds in the office, no one needs to go hungry with Taste Devon’s office catering menu with our wide supply and variety […]

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A Little Bit About Taste Devon

14th June 2018

All you really know is that we deliver beautiful lunches to people all over Exeter. Truly the best Exeter catering there is; look at our menu if you’re already tempted. However, we’d thought it would be nice if we removed some that intrigue and perhaps developed a slightly more intimate relationship with our supporters. How? Well, […]

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Summer Breakfast Ideas!

24th May 2018

It’s getting hotter and people are showing considerably less want to consume ye ol’ faithful porridge each and every morning. It’s hot and quite frankly, boring. In the winter we can endure boring; not the summer, however. We want exciting, fresh, fragrant flavours – like our catered lunches! And understandably so, too, the sun brings this […]

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Never Skip Lunch – A Case For The Most Important Meal In The Day

14th May 2018

In these modern lives we tend to occupy now, structure is much less apparent than it used to be. In the past, we had a strict start and end time for mostly everything. As technology has developed and all that has entailed, structure has quite simply become less apparent. We don’t need to be at […]

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Some of the Best Food Instagram Follows!

23rd April 2018

Generally, people like to hear people vouch for eateries before we choose to dine there. This, historically, has led to us beseeching the opinions of our friends and families. The phenomenon led to the surge outfits such as TripAdvisor and Yelp during the internet boom. And now, in the age of consumer power and social […]

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Say No To Mediocrity; It’s Time To Change Lunch

22nd March 2018

For years, white-collar workers across the country have tamely anticipated their lunch. There is no passion; how can a sane person forge any real excitement for soggy ham sandwiches? We certainly can’t, which is exactly why we started Taste Devon. We decided we wanted to change corporate lunches and Exeter catering for good. And luckily […]

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Why You Should See A Corporate Lunch As An Investment

15th March 2018

You have a big meeting coming up. Nerves are high, this meeting could make your business; it could get the money flowing, get the staff happy, and totally change the way you operate. You’ve got to impress your visitors, there are no two ways around that. But how? Well, you could hire a private jet […]

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Taste Devon’s Top 5 Fillings

16th May 2017

As our team of drivers busily make their way through Exeter’s business and office districts delivering tasty sandwiches, snacks, buffets and platters to our hungry customers, they are often asked what their favourite sandwhich fillings are and what they would recommend. Well this had us thinking – what are our favorites? Now obviously, all of […]

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