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Some of the Best Food Instagram Follows!

23rd April 2018

Generally, people like to hear people vouch for eateries before we choose to dine there. This, historically, has led to us beseeching the opinions of our friends and families. The phenomenon led to the surge outfits such as TripAdvisor and Yelp during the internet boom. And now, in the age of consumer power and social media, it has led to Instagram being the go-to platform for food recommendations.

There is a wealth of great accounts out there that help with deciding where to eat or even as inspiration as to what you’re going to cook. An eclectic selection, some healthy and some unhealthy; some eastern and some western; some bad and some good. The only problem is that they’re literally millions of Instagram accounts, how do you know which ones are good? Well, you don’t have to. We can help you instead.



One for the healthy eaters out there, this account is rife with inspiration – or as Instagrammers call it, ‘inspo’ – for your eats. Amelia often posts her nutrition-packed meals, full of sustenance and vigour. Amelia clearly follows our Don’t Settle philosophy. Whether it’s sweet breakfast or veggie dinner, her cooking game is on-point and definitely an Instagram user we recommend following.

I haven’t given up on spring entirely as it is clearly on its way, but today I am returning to some autumn comfort food with this hearty lentil stew. I was up early this morning and it is currently bubbling away, making the kitchen smell incredible. If you’d like the recipe for this #vegan and #vegetarian friendly stew, the link is in my profile or you can find it on my @pinterest board or my website x

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A student who cultivated a following 200k+ strong with irresistible, accessible recipes. Instagram food accounts are undeniably a saturated entity, so to stand out you really have to do something special. Izy did. Just have a look at her Instagram to be sure of that. She posts eye-popping images and helps you make the dishes yourself. Perfect.

Chocolate & Blackberry Choux Buns!! Little crispy pastry puffs made with @heritage_breeds eggies 🐓🍳. They’re filled with blackberry cream & dipped in chocolate ganache 😍 – preeeetty fancy but not too difficult and I’ve got loadsa tips to help your choux game. Recipe on my blog, link in profile 💜#ad

A post shared by Izy Hossack (topwithcinnamon) (@izyhossack) on



Whilst offering much less insight than the godly ground of the blogosphere’s best Instagrams, The Devon Foodie is great for seeing what places sell plain simple great good – especially if you’re local. Testing all local proprietors, the Instagram captures some of the most tantalizing dishes they have in this here part of the globe. Want a more detailed insight? Check their website out, they’re regularly updating their blog, ran by Gaby.

We loved our Full English breakfast at @petermundyatthegingerpeanut it was delicious! . . . . #instagoodmyphoto #justgoshoot #foodprnshare #thedailybite #huffposttaste #tastemade #feedfeed #tastespotting #eeeeeats #f52grams #cookit #lifeandtyme #foodblogfeed #foodblogeats #psfoodcrush #forkfeed #f52gram #eateria #buzzfeedfood #devon #devonfood #devonfoodie #thisismyfood

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Taste Devon – Exeter Catering

When followed, these accounts populate your feed with only the most hunger-inducing pictures. It makes you want to never have a bad lunch again. We can help with that, for sure. With us, you can get a fine lunch delivered to your very desk. Whether it’s for the whole office or just your team. If you’d like that, give us a call.

Taste Devon – Don’t Settle.

Exeter Catering