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Why You Should See A Corporate Lunch As An Investment

15th March 2018

You have a big meeting coming up. Nerves are high, this meeting could make your business; it could get the money flowing, get the staff happy, and totally change the way you operate. You’ve got to impress your visitors, there are no two ways around that. But how? Well, you could hire a private jet to get them to the meeting? Hmm, think that’s outside of our budget. You could take them to the pub? That’s way too unprofessional. You could give them some months for free? We’re not running a charity. Ok, I’ve got it, how about a mouth-watering, unimposing catered business lunch? Hmm, understated but considerate and delicious, yeah that sounds like a great idea!

A professionally catered lunch is a surefire way to better your working relationship with potential and existing clients. A lunch could even seal the deal. Here’s why

Exeter Catering

It Shows You Care

Having some Exeter catering delivered as you’re conducting business with existing and potential clients… it says a lot. It

a) Demonstrates how professional and efficient you are as a business. As soon as the thought of lunch creeps into the mind of your clients, you can drop the information that a Devon professionally catered lunch is on its way. Pragmatic.

b) Shows that you aren’t scared to treat your clients. Some try to stray away from potentially spoiling your clients as they feel it’s unethical. Whilst we disagree with that sentiment, this is just lunch anyhow. You can’t blame someone for eating when they’re hungry.

Gives Incentive

Dazzling your clientele with a lavish spread won’t only fill their stomachs and have them smiling as they leave the executive lounge, it’ll make them want to come back. They’ll remember your company fondly; the one that gave us that delicious lunch! We better stay in contact with them. You can use this willingness to return to impress them with your business acumen.

It Tastes Delicious

Taste Devon supply only the best Exeter catering. Once you’ve had a taste, just the mention of our name will have you salivating. We’re very confident of that. But hey, we’re aware that this is big talk and, to be honest, other than our gleaming reviews (which they are a few), it’s going to be hard to prove this to you via text. You’re going to have to test the validity of our words. Which we implore you do.

It’s Convenient

Our lunch can do and is all these great things, however, it’s also something much simpler: convenient. Sometimes, when your deep in some work or in a meeting, you don’t want to have to leave the office and sort out some lunch. Not at all. You want some top-drawer grub to be delivered on time without any fuss. And that’s exactly what our Exeter catering is. Great food, no fuss.

Taste Devon – Exeter Catering

We’re somewhat new in this industry but we’re determined to change it. We think it’s a tragedy how many mediocre lunches have been consumed in Exeter and Devon offices. Lunch should be a meal of pleasure, a meal of excitement, and that’s what we’re going to make it. Would you like to use our services? Give us a call. We’ll make your next lunch your best yet. Revolutionise your 9-5.