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A Little Bit About Taste Devon

14th June 2018

All you really know is that we deliver beautiful lunches to people all over Exeter. Truly the best Exeter catering there is; look at our menu if you’re already tempted. However, we’d thought it would be nice if we removed some that intrigue and perhaps developed a slightly more intimate relationship with our supporters. How? Well, we can simply run through the four rules that make us, us.

Fresh and Fragrant Flavours

Fresh and fragrant, the most important aspect of our Exeter catering. We started this business after spending a lifetime of witnessing people eat bland, routine meals. Simply not good enough, that. Eating is an experience to be enjoyed, not endured. It should be anticipated with unadulterated excitement.

And that’s what we’ve tried to make so for the people of Exeter. We truly think we have, too. Our lunches – delivered to over 100 companies – have revolutionised the lunches of many. We’ve done this through only creating and serving fresh and fragrant flavours. The people look forward to these flavours simply because of how delicious they are. Which is great, it’s what we set out to do.

corporate buffet exeter catering

We’re a Friendly, Family Team

Some of us actually are family, and those who aren’t are pretty much family anyway. To have all our delicious food ready to deliver the wonderful people of Exeter, we have ready to start cooking at 5AM. Experiences like that bond you like no other, we tell you! As such, we’re probably one of the friendliest teams you’ll meet – all our lunches are delivered with a smile and good chat.

We’re Here For Exeter and the Surrounding Areas

We’re an independent, local business. In ordering with us, you’re supporting the local industry. Something you can never feel bad for, can you? In supporting this Exeter catering business, you’re supporting Exeter.

We Want You To Have Good Lunch

At the end of the day, our goal ultimately is to ensure you’re full up on some great, healthy food. The entire process of our organisation is geared towards that: the waking up at 5AM; our don’t settle philosophy; our fresh and fragrant flavours; all of its there so you can have one of the best lunches you’ve ever had.

Taste Devon – Exeter Catering

If this has convinced you to give us a go, then give us a call! Or perhaps check out our menu. We’re always looking deliver what the people like, so if you think something could be added to the menu, give us a call and we’ll give it some consideration!