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Never Skip Lunch – A Case For The Most Important Meal In The Day

14th May 2018

In these modern lives we tend to occupy now, structure is much less apparent than it used to be. In the past, we had a strict start and end time for mostly everything. As technology has developed and all that has entailed, structure has quite simply become less apparent. We don’t need to be at a computer to go on the internet. You don’t need to be at work to work. We don’t even need to be with our friends to spend time with them. This has entailed lunch, what we do best and what we implore, suffering. People are statistically 32% more likely to skip lunch now than they were in the 1980s.

Not Only Is There Less Structure


People aren’t only inadvertently missing lunch due to their preoccupations, either. Another landmark of these times is diet crazes; a lot of them advising to simply snack for lunch rather than eat a substantial meal. Whilst we’d never criticised someone for trying to lose weight, doing so through avoiding meals, to us, is simply crazy.

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It’s Not Just What You Eat, It’s When Too


According to scientific research, there’s a correct way to eat throughout the day. This research has been backed by studies of Mediterranean diets, too. What they say is it’s best to eat as if your digestive powers were akin to the huge star in our sky: the sun. In the morning, when the sun isn’t at its best, eat easily digestible foods like porridge and cereal – not full Englishes, unfortunately. Come 12-2PM, otherwise known as lunchtime, when the sun is roaring, you are at your digestive best. It’s now you need to consume the day’s largest amount of nutrition; it’s when eating will benefit you most. In the evening, the sun is weaker and so is your digestive system, go light.

So to avoid lunch in aid of bettering yourself is nonsense – and that’s backed by science.

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Lunch Gives You The Energy To Tackle The Afternoon


The working day doesn’t have sympathies for these lunch-avoiders. The day doesn’t ease up in the afternoon, in fact, it very often gets more intense. You’re running low of fuel; a bowl of porridge can only keep you going for so long. You need lunch, otherwise, you won’t perform as well. That’s a fact.

So if you want your job performance to be consistent, then you’re going to have to respect lunch. Much like this one worker did when he suspected a lunch stolen.

Co-worker got his lunch stolen and they’ve agreed to let him watch the security camera tape. This is the most excited I’ve ever been at any job ever. Ever.

— Zak Toscani (@zaktoscani) March 29, 2018


Eating Lunch Isn’t Bad, It’s Great


We guess what people fear most with lunch is over-indulging and risking becoming overweight. If they don’t eat lunch, they can eat more at dinner, too. That’s their thinking. It couldn’t be more wrong. As we’ve disclosed, the best time to eat is lunchtime, so if you want to lose weight do your best eating then and hold back in the evenings. It will give you more energy, too. Perhaps you can go the gym in the evening.


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