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Say No To Mediocrity; It’s Time To Change Lunch

22nd March 2018

For years, white-collar workers across the country have tamely anticipated their lunch. There is no passion; how can a sane person forge any real excitement for soggy ham sandwiches? We certainly can’t, which is exactly why we started Taste Devon. We decided we wanted to change corporate lunches and Exeter catering for good. And luckily for you, we provide this service to professionals throughout Devon. With us, you have the opportunity to join the Don’t Settle movement. You no longer have to accept mediocrity for lunch. We want our food to be the highlight of your day.

Here’s the Don’t Settle Manifesto


We Say No To Mediocrity

Although the Don’t Settle movement operates within the realms of lunch, the idea extends. We all join on one basic principle: don’t settle. This refusal of acceptance bonds us. Whether it be a rude co-worker; to that we say no, address me with manners! Whether it be a late bus; to that we say no and complain! Or be it an unremarkable lunch; to that, we say no – we say Taste Devon!

We Attack Life With Spirit

A large part of Don’t Settle, Taste Devon’s key philosophy, is that you live each day as if it were the most important in your life. Make every single day your own. Don’t allow the day to wash over you. To do this, you need to be full of energy and bite. You simply won’t get that from a bog standard lunch. Break the routine.

We Eat Good

It’s quite simple, to join our Don’t Settle movement you have to look after yourself. Avoid the processed. Say no to the bad tasting. Stray from sweeteners and everything bad. Eat organic. Eat good and eat together. The working day should be a day of productivity, energy and smiles, one of our Exeter catering buffets or sandwich platters will certainly get you grinning.

Exeter Catering

Welcome to the Taste of Devon | Exeter Catering

This is our way of life and you are more than welcome to join, all you have to do is follow our manifesto. And do so religiously. If you don’t, we’ll know. We’ll see it in you. The easiest way to embark on the journey instantly? Call us and let us bring you a business buffet of the finest order. We’ll be awaiting your call with great anticipation. Are you ready to join the Don’t Settle movement? Yeah, we thought as much. Taste Devon, Exeter catering.