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Summer Breakfast Ideas!

24th May 2018

It’s getting hotter and people are showing considerably less want to consume ye ol’ faithful porridge each and every morning. It’s hot and quite frankly, boring. In the winter we can endure boring; not the summer, however. We want exciting, fresh, fragrant flavours – like our catered lunches! And understandably so, too, the sun brings this out of us! Accordingly so, today we’re going to letting you in on out some of our top summer breakfast ideas; all nutritious and delicious, what food should be, in our humble opinion.

Overnight Oats

Starting off with the direct warm months’ replacement for porridge, overnight oats! Overnight oats are very popular right now because they’re delicious and nutritious, what we stated food should be, but more too, they’re healthy! Oats are jam-packed with fibre, and as most add fruit, you’re getting nutrition on that end, as well!

All you do is put your oats in a bowl in the evening, exactly the same as you would for porridge. After, some add seeds (very healthy!) and almost everyone adds fruit, most popularly banana. And then put some milk in there, stir it, and then let it soak in the fridge overnight. Delicious!

Summer Breakfast

Breakfast Smoothie

Meal-replacements are all the noise right now. For lunch, we don’t recommend it. Not at all. As we detailed in our last blog, lunchtime is when your digestive system is roaring and when you should be consuming most. Foods like our region-famous office lunch! But for breakfast, we guess it’s not a bad idea.

When making smoothies you can just replicate your favourites from shops, like for example, strawberry and banana, or mango and passion fruit, for example. However, to make the full feeling to last we suggest adding some oats to it. Much better, that way. Healthier, too!

Avocado on Toast

Avocado on toast is a beautiful breakfast itself. All you need to do is either slice it or smash it, and season to your heart’s content; some add chillies, some simply salt and pepper. And to make the dish even nicer, you can add an egg on top, be it scrambled, fried, or poached – they all work!



Quinoa Fruit Salad

Fresh fruit is a deliciously light way to fill yourself up in the summer weeks. Also, it’s incredibly healthy, which is always a plus. The only criticism, much like the smoothie, would be that it isn’t filling enough; there quite simply isn’t enough substance. An easy caveat to overcome: add quinoa!

Adding quinoa will keep you energised for longer and is incredibly inexpensive and also easy to prepare. We couldn’t recommend this summer breakfast more!

Taste Devon

We get up at 4 AM to prepare our incredible lunches, so the fact that you can prepare most of these breakfast recipes the evening before really works for us. Our favourite is probably the quinoa fruit salad or overnight oats! If you have a sweet tooth, you can even add condensed milk to your morning smoothie – you’ll be laughing! Any questions or if you’d like to book us in so you can eat one hell of a lunch, give us a call!