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Taste Devon – The Exeter Caterers Fuelling City Businesses

5th July 2019

As leading Exeter caterers, we have been delivering delicious food packages to businesses across the city for many years. Whether you’re hosting a formal business meeting, networking event, employee lunch or just looking for a top caterer to supply you with outstanding food during your lunch hour, Taste Devon are the caterers to look to. 

Don’t Let Your Professional Meeting Go Dry


Our Exeter catering team understand that it is important to make a good impression in business. Let’s face it – offering dried up refreshments and mundane drinks to customers, employees, future clients and potential business partners isn’t going to cut the mustard! 

Just as any lengthy corporate meeting demands interesting, sustained and progressive interaction, it also requires good, wholesome and healthy food. Serving up boring platters can lead to a lack of interest in the event and, in turn, a decrease in the attention of those you’re trying to impress. However, our Exeter catering services will ensure that if a meeting isn’t quite as lucrative as initially hoped, it’s certainly not down to the quality of food! 

Variety and Choice with our Caterers in Exeter


We give our customers scope to create the ultimate lunch delivery order in Exeter. Your taste buds are important to us, so creating a feast which includes individual preferences is what we pride ourselves on. Taste Devon create everything from fresh sandwiches to exciting, varying platters and hot fork meals. With a variety of ingredients, we are sure you will find something to suit both staff and clients. These are just some of the ranges that we provide and we have options appropriate for any hour, and any occasion. Here are just some of the mouth watering options on our menu:

taste devon exeter caterers

Discover our full list of offerings and view our delectable menu today. 

Fresh Food Delivered 


Not only do we go above and beyond on the freshness of our ingredients, but also on the punctuality of its delivery. All of our food is made fresh every morning, with the use of local produce that is instantly recognisable.

Once you’ve selected exactly what you want and your delivery time, the rest is down to our set of talented chefs and delivery personnel. Our level of repeat custom speaks for itself; people love our food and the effort we put into it. Find out more about our Exeter corporate lunch delivery, view our competitive prices and compile a personalised order with us. 

Corporate Caterers in Exeter


Choosing a professional caterer in Exeter, with years of experience in sampling and cooking intriguing dishes, gives you the freedom to experience multiple cuisines in a single order. Communicate your order to us over the phone or via a contact form on our website today and allow us to contribute to the success of your professional meeting. Contact our friendly, efficient team to learn more about our menu, to discuss your personal food preferences and to arrange a delivery to your offices or meeting location.