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Taste Devon’s Top 5 Fillings

16th May 2017

As our team of drivers busily make their way through Exeter’s business and office districts delivering tasty sandwiches, snacks, buffets and platters to our hungry customers, they are often asked what their favourite sandwhich fillings are and what they would recommend. Well this had us thinking – what are our favorites?

Now obviously, all of Taste Devon’s sandwiches and snacks are tasty – that’s a given. But if we were forced to whittle it down to a top 5 (a hard choice) then what would be included. As you might expect from a company who specialises in creating delicious sandwiches and snacks this has caused many a pondering as to which ones would make the cut (pun intended!) – but after much deliberation we have come up with the following:

1.Devon Reared Roast Pork with Sage & Onion Stuffing & Apple Sauce Baguette

Granted, it’s a long title but this baguette tops the list. Think of it as a pork roast meal wrapped in a lovely blanket of dough!

2. Breakfast Baguette

When you think about it this is an easy choice; a lovely pork & herb sausage served with bacon, egg mayonnaise & tomato relish.

3. Brie & Bacon

A magic combination that requires little explanation. Brie & Bacon = Taste Sensation (works great on all bread types too!)

4. Marinated Chicken in Blackened Cajun Spice

Served in a white or wholemeal baguette this spicy chicken offering will leave with that carnival spirit – for those who want to add a bit of spice to their lunchtime.

5. Mature Cheddar and Pickle (V)

Although this choice won’t win any awards for originality it has to make the list – a pure classic which is only enhanced when using quality ingredients. As they say, when it ain’t broke…

So next time you see one of our jiffy vans on the rounds, carrying out lunch deliveries in Exeter have a think and see if you know what your favourite sandwich filling is – because believe us, it’s not an easy choice! Take a look at our Pre-Order page for some yummy inspiration.